By Frode Grytten, Mari Kanstad Johnsen (ill.)

A colourful and imaginative bedtime tale.

Daddy says it’s bedtime, but his little girl wants them to carry on reading. Just one
more book before she goes to sleep! She wishes that someone would write a book
about her for once. Up on the bookcase there isn’t a single story about her!
Together they patch together a book about the girl. Will there be a slime monster
in the book? Perhaps she will climb up the world’s tallest mountain? Maybe she
will travel backwards in time to meet her Grandpa? Or go into the future to meet
herself as a grown-up?
Anything is possible in a story. But if everything is possible, then scary things
can happen, too. And what happens when Daddy gets so excited thinking up stories
that he himself forgets it’s bedtime?

Excerpt from English sample

Digital presentation of the book by the author and illustrator

Translation rights have been sold to Denmark, France, China, Germany and South Korea.

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