Du veit ingenting/Erika first

By Sigrid Agnethe Hansen

Less lonely together

Tina is 16 years old and in her last year at secondary school. She has a little sister, Erika, who is not like other little siblings. She can suddenly get stuck and demand a lot of the parents» time and energy. Tina wishes she had a sister who didn’t create scenes for the smallest thing. But when someone one day says something bad about Erika, Tina reacts. Because if she doesn’t stand up for Erika, who will?

In addition, Tina has another problem. While everyone around her starts to fall in love, Tina doesn’t feel anything, neither for boys nor girls. When her best friend Anna suddenly falls head over heels in love with a boy, Tina is left completely alone.

YErika first can be read as a follow-up to the critically acclaimed youth book Seen this? from 2020. It is a tender, humorous and original story about not quite fitting in, about friendship, about courage and about sibling relationships.

«Believable portrait of a teenager whose challenges are greater than ordinary anxiety [.] The author describes relationships believably, whether they manifest in a chat thread, in a café, on a practice run or in the swimming pool» «Hansen has chosen to tell about an everyday life that is unspectacular , but which through Tina’s flow of thought and relational needs is condensed into a story that we devour in one reading.» Ruth Halsensen, Barnebokkritikk

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Du veit ingenting

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