By Martine Grande

From a little chicken to a mighty eagle.

Sam is happiest of all when he is sitting in his room with his
best friend Eagle, a happy little budgie. After all, bullies roam the
streets outside. One day, Sam sees a girl outside his window, whizzing around
on a scooter. Who is she? Maybe she wants to be his friend?
Eagle is a colourful tale about friendship and outsiders, a book
about growth and becoming stronger, and even includes a big,
dangerous eagle on the hunt for bullies. Martine Grande uses
both words and pictures to show how Sam’s desperate attempts
to hide away and avoid stressful situations, and how he finds his
own strength in the end.

The reviewer in the daily Klassekampen wrote: “Martine
Grande plays text against image to create a nuanced, literary
imagery that everyone can enjoy. It turns Eagle into a beautiful
tale about fear and overcoming it, all the while stimulating the
linguistic and conceptual development of child readers.”

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Translation rights have been sold to Italy.

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