Kåre and Marimba to the rescue

A funny story about offering a helping hand, no matter what!

Kåre and Marimba are two good friends. One day when nothing happens, they decide to offer help to the first person they meet. By accident they meet Torsten, a man who is fidgeting with a lock on a bicycle and is reluctant to get any help from Kåre and Marimba. Despite Torsten’s protests, our two heroes help him break the lock, and within minutes they are playing hide-and-seek with Torsten’s friends dressed as police officers. An exciting adventure for some serves as a personal wake-up call for others…

Kåre and Marimba to the rescue is a funny and energetic picture book about good intentions and unwilling recipients.

Kåre and Marimba is nominated to Best children’s book by the Norwegian Critics» Association and The Department of Culture’s Illustrated Children’s Book Prize.

«In this picture book, text and drawings complement each other in an exemplary way. The narrative becomes more complex and funnier the more the reader studies how the drawings take the action in the sentences further.»
From the nomination text from The Norwegian Critics» Association.

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Original Title:

Kåre og Marimba hjelper til