Rest in peace

By Peter F. Strassegger

Settling up accounts

Per and his friend Oskar are in year 10 and they steal beer, spray graffiti and get into fights. At home, Per and his father are struggling with grief after the death of Per’s mother. Why can’t they manage to talk about what happened? And why is Per angry with his father?

Per and Oskar smoke hash and drive cars illegally. Then one day they are stopped by the police, who ask them to provide an account of the lives they have lived up until now.

Per, however, has not managed to put everything behind him yet. He has to settle another account first. He may regret it, but he has to do it. Something is driving him and he can find no peace. But who is it who isn’t resting in peace?

Peter F. Strassegger was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize and the Uprisen for his previous young adult novel, Alexander the Great (Aleksander den store). His new novel takes the same topic and landscape as its starting point: boys on the wrong side of the tracks in a small village in western Norway.

“The novel gives a rare insight into the mind of a quiet boy who struggles.” Jannicke Totland, the newspaper Framtida

«Powerful psychological portrait. (…) Strassegger portrays his young boys with love, and without judging them. He gives them enough baggage for readers to believe in them and sympathize with them when they are at their worst. It is well done.» Jostein A. Ryen,

«Realistic and poignant» Caroline Tromp, Klassekampen.


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Kvil i fred

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