Seen this?

A powerful debut about a nude photo in the wrong hands

Anna has just moved to a new home with her parents. Back to the village where her dad grew up, where Anna’s grandma still lives. But rumours travel faster than a car can drive. A rumour doesn’t care about kilometres, speed limits or travel itineraries. A rumour just wants to get where it’s going. And once it arrives, it will try to reach out to as many people as it possibly can…

Anna is running from one such rumour. She made up her mind to start over and to come back to school. A new school, with new friends. But how will she manage to keep her new life under control when she spends her every waking moment worrying that her past will catch up to her?

Seen this? tells the story of Anna and a nude photo that has been spread around the Internet. A tale of putting your heart in the hands of someone, who stamps it into one thousand pieces. A tale of being 15 years old and struggling to trust anyone again.

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The rights have been sold to Denmark, South Korea and Latvia.

Original Title:

Ser du dette?