Steinalderen / The Stone Age

By Åshild Irgens (ill.), Eirin Holberg

An engagig and educational book for middle graders

In this book, you are taken back 10,000 years in time, all the way to the end of the Ice Age when the Stone Age began in Scandinavia. You will hear about stone carver schools, living atop one’s own trash, and the time when a monstrous wave devastated the Norwegian coast. The book also provides a recipe for making your own musical instrument from the Stone Age.

The Stone Age is written by archaeologist Eirin Holberg and illustrated by award-winning Åshild Irgens, who, with her warm and humorous style, has recreated an exciting world vastly different from our own. The book is suitable for both reading aloud and for children to read by themselves.

Eirin Holberg (b. 1972) is an archaeologist and author. She has published and contributed to a number of historical works and academic literature for universities and colleges.

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Steinalderen. 10 000 år gamle tyggisar og hovudskallar på stong


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