The Blackbird Sings at Night

By Tone E. Solheim

Edith + Marta = <3

This is the story of Edith, a girl who hates everything and everyone. She is the one who always hides beneath her hoodies, gets whispered about in the classroom, and more than anything just wishes she could disappear without a trace.
Yet this is also the story of Martha, a girl who loves the Beatles, misses her father, and tries to see the best in everyone – no matter what.

Edith and Martha are as different as chalk and cheese, but their worlds still manage to collide when they start high school in the same class. This sparks an unusual friendship, and they soon discover that they have a lot more in common than you might think.

The Blackbird Sings at Night is a story about inner turmoil and great loss, as well as a love story, a tale of trust and hope. A story about daring to be you, even though you’re different.

The reviewers wrote: “Martha is an anxious companion, Edith lacks self-control and can act out at times. Their complexity is embraced by Solheim, with the two each narrating alternate chapters. The depictions of Martha and Edith are bold and well drawn. … The story of Martha and Edith makes a strong impression as it examines the earth-shattering, disruptive prelude to a love affair.” Klassekampen

“This is a powerful and energetic story that captures the reader from the first page.” Bergens Tidende

The book was nominated to Uprisen 2022.

Translation rights sold to Denmark.

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