The Goalie and the Sea

By Åshild Irgens (ill.), Maria Parr

Sequel to popular children's book

Who normally plays in goal?’ My jaw dropped. How could he
possibly not know? Everybody in the area knew that Lena was the
goalie in the boys’ team. She stepped into the circle wearing her
goalkeeper’s gloves and looked up defiantly at the man in the black
tracksuit. ‘Me.’ ‘Is that it?’

The arrival of a new football coach means dark clouds are
looming over 12-year-old Lena Lid’s goalkeeping career. In the
house next door, Trille is wondering how to impress the ladies.
Meanwhile, as ever, Grandpa is out at sea, looking for the biggest
catch and trying not to worry about getting old. Throughout the
course of a year, Lena, Trille and Grandpa will have to battle the
forces of nature, as well as themselves. The stage is set for strongly
felt emotions and real drama. What are friends like Lena and
Trille to do when all the rafts they make end up sinking and when
every message in a bottle they send just washes up on the shore at
home? They’re hardly ones to give up in a sticky situation, though,
that’s for sure. Certainly not if Lena has anything to say about it!
The Goalie and the Sea is an intense and action-packed return
to the quirky lives of the beautifully mismatched friends from
Waffle Heart. Winner of the Brage Prize 2017.

Translation rights sold to 19 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria,
Catalonia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Faroe Islands, France,
Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania,
Russia, Sweden, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine.

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