The Police Burglar

By Marianne Gretteberg Engedal

Cops and robbers

Bill was born into a family of burglars, but he isn’t a burglar anymore. There’s no
one in the world Bill likes more than Sausage Sam, and there’s nothing in the world
Sausage Sam likes more than sausages. However, just before the school is about to
go on an overnight trip to the forest, a police family moves to town. Policewoman
Polly joins the class trip, and everything changes for Bill when Polly becomes a
police burglar: she steals his best friend – Sausage Sam!


«Good picture books are those that manage to ascend into a higher unity, with images and text that mutually enrich and illuminate each other. Marianne Gretteberg Engedal’s Polititjuven is such a book, where the sum of the details adds up to more than the story itself. What makes the book series about ex-thief Kjell extra special is the author’s underlying project. Engedal plays with the reader’s preconceptions and prejudices. to then refute them.» Egon Låstad, Barnebokkritikk

«Marianne Gretteberg Engedal takes a firm hold on her recent place in the elite division among Norwegian children’s book authors with her second book about Bill. In a bold mix of genres, there is both something new and something nostalgic, something timeless and something top-of-the-line in this, in short, lovely picture book.» Janne Karin Støylen, Bergens Tidende

«The book oozes quality.» Karin Haugen, Klassekampen

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Translation rights sold to:
Sweden, Denmark and China

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