The Sausage Burglar

Exciting about an unwilling burglar

Bill is a nine year-old boy, born into a family of burglars. But Bill
doesn’t want to be a burglar. One day he has to steal from his
own friend, Sausage Sam. “But I don’t want to steal from Sausage
Sam,” yells Bill, “He’s my friend!” What does he get in response?
“A real burglar has to be able to steal from anyone at all!”
This tale takes place in a world where every family has a profession
they are born to do. Kjell doesn’t like stealing, and mostly
only pinches junk that nobody wants. His family thinks Bill is
a bad burglar, and so they pressure him into stealing from his
friend. Bill wants to turn over everything he stole, but on the way
there he encounters a band of people who were also born into the
wrong profession, and who have run to the woods to escape. The
Sausage Burglar is all about finding out who you really are, and
being brave enough to live the way you want.
The daily Dagbladet wrote: “A sweet, philosophical picture
book about paving your own way.”

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Translation rights sold to Denmark, China, Lithuania, South Korea and Sweden.

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