Verdas rikaste tjuv

By Marianne Gretteberg Engedal

The cost of real friendship

Bill is born into a family of thieves, but he doesn’t want to be a thief. That’s why Bill’s mother sends him to band practice. If you don’t want to be a thief, you can at least learn to play an instrument, she insists.

Bill does not want to play in a band. But everything turns around when Bill hears a lovely melody from Bob’s flute, the most talented boy in the band.

One day Bill’s family gets a lot of money: suddenly they can buy instead of stealing. At the same time, Bill does everything he can to be in a team with Bob, even cheating! Is a new friendship about to develop?

The World’s Richest Burglar is the third book about Bill.


«The third book about the poor thief who didn’t want to be a thief is a coronation

Janne Karin Støylen, Bergens Tidende

«Marianne Gretteberg Engedal’s book series about Kjell is a deeply original work, where the author presents fresh thoughts on diversity, identity, and ethics – in an entertaining and engaging way.» Egon Låstad,

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Verdas rikaste tjuv


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