A Thousand Moose in the Garage

By Hilde Hodnefjeld (ill.), Sigmund Løvåsen

Sparkling poetry for children and adults of all ages

Do you have Chinese iron in your blood? Is that Jesus’s pee you’re drinking? Does the blowfly like to blow? And do you really have Europe’s biggest big toe?

These are some of the questions that may or may not be answered in this poetry collection. A Thousand Moose in the Garage (Tusen elgar i garasjen) takes us on a journey with ravens and salamanders, dinosaurs and bats, rusty tractors and ants in pants as companions.

Have you ever ridden a dead moose through the forest? That’s what we thought.

Illustrated by Hilde Hodnefjeld.

Is there something small and childish about a sand pit?
No, you know what, you can build castles, tunnels and enormous cities in a sand pit.
You can bake a hundred cakes a minute there.
The cat uses the sand pit as a toilet and the ant uses it as a dream holiday resort.
Build a dinosaur park in the sand pit. People the world over will come to see it.
They’ll ride on the tyrannosaurus rex and the diplodocus.
It’s all fun and games until a meteor comes from outer space and everyone perishes.
Mummy shouts from the kitchen window that it’s lunch time.

Original Title

Tusen elgar i garasjen


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