Survival 1: The Volcano Awakens

By Tor Arve Røssland

New action series for middle grade and youth

It is a few years from now and the world has changed beyond recognition. Both town and country have vanished beneath the rising seas. Millions of people are fleeing the coast. Others are running from burning heat. Yet others from war.

The research vessel Bluenose is looking for fish and other vital foodstuffs in the Atlantic Ocean. Alongside the crew and the researchers on board are two Norwegian 13-year-olds, Jamal and Eira. Both of their fathers work on the ship. Jamal is really interested in the work being done, while Eira is there against her will. When the ship capsizes in a brutal warzone, Jamal and Eira understand that their small squabbles have become trivial faced with stormy seas, men with machine guns and awakening volcanoes.

The Volcano Awakes (Vulkanen vaknar) is the first book in the Survival (Overleve) adventure series and transports the reader to a near future where humankind is at risk of extinction.

The book is illustrated by Nikolai Lockertsen.

Praise for Survival:

«The Volcano Awakens” is the beginning of a new series with a world damaged by climate change as the backdrop. This proves to be both exciting and thought-provoking.
Magnus Rotevatn, Framtida

(…) has clear cinematic qualities, enhanced by the inspired illustrations of Nikolai Lockertsen. Also inspired is Røssland in his generous and liberal use of historical and geographic fun facts, academic terminology and research. He keeps genre conventions in mind at the same time, and winks to the adventure stories of the seven seas, with nods to ghost ships and robinsonades.
Janne Karin Støylen, Bergens Tidende

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Overleve 1: Vulkanen vaknar


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