Survival 2: Ice Age

By Tor Arve Røssland

Ice-cold summer

In Survival 2 – Ice Age (Overleve 2 – Istid) we reunite with our 13-year-old heroes Jamal and Eira. After their dramatic journey on the research ship Bluenose, which was attacked by the warship Georgia and nearly capsized, they have arrived in Bergen. Eira wants to stay on land and leave everything that happened behind her, while Jamal is planning to go along on the next voyage. It’s summer and everyone is expecting warm and pleasant weather.

But enormous quantities of black ash have been spewing out of a volcan on Jan Mayen island. The ashes block out the sun and soon rain and sleet begin to fall. The temperature falls well below freezing, and the researchers are uneasy.

What is really happening to the climate?

Ice Age (Istid) is the second book in the Survival (Overleve) adventure series, which transports the reader to a near future where humankind is at risk of extinction.

The book is illustrated by Nikolai Lockertsen.

Original Title

Overleve 2: Istid


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