Survival 3: The Last War

By Tor Arve Røssland

Dramatic conclusion to the Survival (Overleve) adventure series

After researchers released enormous quantities of volcanic ash on Jan Mayen island in an attempt to stop global warming, the opposite has happened: an new ice age has begun. Soon it will be impossible to live in the northern hemisphere. Along with their parents and another select few, Jamal and Eira flee to the research vessel Bluenose to head towards southerly shores. It should be possible to live in the islands of Micronesia, but even there the edge of the terrifying ice threatens to swallow up every single island.

The Americas are moving ever closer to the Alliance, and an invasion seems unavoidable. Not to mention, no one knows what the Chinese States are planning. Who has the most powerful fleet? Who will win the war?

Is it possible for humanity to survive at all?

The Last War (Den siste krigen) is the final book in the Survival (Overleve) adventure series, which transports the reader to a near future where humankind is at risk of extinction.
The book is illustrated by Nikolai Lockertsen.

Original Title

Overleve 3: Den siste krigen


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