Åshild Irgens and Maria Parr.

«Oskar and Me» is a beautiful and touching story that will appeal to both children and adults and is a must-read for all fans of Parr’s previous work. Maria Parr’s new book serves as a reminder that even as we grow up and things change, there is always a part of us that longs to return to the simple joys and adventures of childhood. The book is beautifully illustrated by Åshild Irgens.

The book has already achieved significant international success, having been sold to 12 countries to date. This demonstrates Parr’s ability to write engaging and universal stories that appeal to a wide audience and highlights the international appeal of Norwegian children’s and young adult literature. Parr was also nominated to the Bookseller’s Prize 2023.

In addition to the book’s international sales, the rights to a TV series based on «Oskar and Me» have also been sold. This is an exciting development, as it provides a new platform for Parr’s characters to shine. It will be interesting to see how Oskar and Ida’s stories are adapted for the small screen and what new audiences they will reach through this media platform.

Maria Parr continues to impress with her ability to create memorable characters and touching stories. «Oskar and Me» is a new addition to her already impressive portfolio, and it is clear that both the book and the upcoming TV series will continue to captivate readers and viewers in Norway and internationally.

In November, «Oskar and Me» won the Brage Prize 2023 for the best children’s and youth book. The jury writes: «Through great storytelling, this year’s winner brings to life the small everyday moments, fostering imagination, a sense of belonging, and the feeling of mastering something. The winner also speaks of losing something as we grow, but still being able to reflect on our childhood as it was, through a younger sibling. In this way, the book reveals the magic in a child’s life, where understanding of the world is renewed every day”. This is the third time Parr has been awarded this prestigious award, and she is the only children’s book author in Norway who has won the Brage Prize three times.

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