Discover NORLA’s Focus Titles for 2024

Among NORLA’s focus titles for 2024, you will find two of our esteemed authors, Arnfinn Kolerud and Tone E. Solheim.

Ivar får ansvar by Arnfinn Kolerud

Arnfinn Kolerud’s «Ivar får ansvar» (Ivar Takes Responsibility) is a compelling narrative that delves into themes of personal growth and social responsibility. Kolerud, known for his engaging storytelling, crafts a tale that is both thought-provoking and accessible. This book is an excellent choice for readers who appreciate character-driven stories with a strong sense of place.

Eg er V-Vida by Tone E. Solheim

Tone E. Solheim’s «Eg er V-Vida» (I am V-Vida) offers a unique voice in Norwegian literature. Solheim’s work explores identity and self-discovery through the eyes of a vibrant protagonist. Her lyrical prose and deep character insights make this title a must-read for those who seek a profound and moving literary experience.